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Straightening your teeth with Acceledent Aura in Rancho Santa Fe

Having orthodontic work can be long and tiresome. You may worry about having to be in braces for many years. Braces can be uncomfortable and require many adjustments. With newer technology, orthodontic work can be much faster and efficient. Dr. Weston Spencer offers orthodontic treatment with Acceledent Aura in Rancho Santa Fe to help decrease the amount of treatment time needed in braces. With Acceledent Aura, you can be smiling with straight teeth in as little as a couple of months. What ... Read More
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Discover the Benefits of Dental Implants for Full Mouth Restoration in Rancho Santa Fe

Each tooth in the mouth works together so you can speak clearly, chew comfortably, and smile and laugh with ease. If one or more teeth are missing, it can have an effect your whole mouth. Teeth sometimes move to fill in a gap where a tooth was extracted, making the surrounding teeth more vulnerable to decay as well as displacement. If the missing tooth is in the front of your mouth, eating foods like apples can be challenging. Some people even hold back big smiles, not wanting others to notice ... Read More
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