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Smile with Confidence Dental Crowns in Rancho Santa Fe

Your teeth are far more important than just for smiling. Your teeth also impact your general health and if you have any untreated issues, the rest of your body may suffer. In order to keep your smile in the best of shape, Dr. Weston Spencer may recommend that you have dental crowns placed to maintain the integrity of your smile. What are dental crowns? Dental crowns are essentially caps that protect the delicate structure of your tooth. Dr. Spencer fits dental crowns for patients in Rancho ... Read More
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Full Mouth Restoration After Oral Cancer in Rancho Santa Fe

Treating oral cancer goes hand in hand with addressing your overall oral health. Existing tooth decay, known as caries, will need to be treated and in some cases, teeth may need to be extracted. Oral cavity cancer can occur anywhere in the mouth including the gums, cheeks, tongue, throat, or tonsil. Regardless of where the cancerous cells are in the oral cavity, a full mouth rehabilitation after oral cancer in Rancho Santa Fe can provide a smile makeover and get you on the road to a healthy ... Read More
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