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We treat all of our patients royally here at Weston Spencer DDS in La Jolla CA, but some of them receive actual crowns. Not what a king or queen wears, of course, but crowns for their teeth!

Crowns are sometimes called caps, and they’re placed over a tooth to restore its shape and strength, and to improve its overall appearance. They are useful for a many problems:

Protect a weak tooth from decay, breaking, or to hold together a cracked tooth. Provide durability to a tooth with a...Read More
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What If My Dental Crown Cracks, Comes Loose, or Comes Off?

Dental crowns from Weston Spencer DDS in La Jolla not only improve the appearance of a damaged tooth, they improve its strength and structural integrity.

Crowns are sturdy covers for teeth that have undergone extensive dental work. They are made from durable materials and meant to last for years. But they aren’t indestructable, and sometimes they can come off due to trauma or some other reason.

If this happens to you, here is what you should do:

1. First things first: ifit...Read More

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Advanced Dental Technology At Weston Spencer DDS – Conservative Comprehensive Dentistry


Today’s article describes how behind-the-scenes dental technology helps us serve our patients.


CAD (computer-aided design) and CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) are used for many restorative services. These include same-day inlays/onlays and crowns.

Dentists who offer dental implants can use CAD/CAM technology in every phase of the dental implant procedure.

CAD/CAM is also used in dental laboratories to fabricate crowns, bridges, implants, veneers, and...Read More

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Dental Implants – A Fresh Start After Losing A Tooth

Are you one of the many La Jolla men and women who has had a tooth extracted?

If the tooth had been bothering you, it may have been a relief. Unless, of course, the tooth was in the front of your mouth and now the gaping hole shows every time you smile. Ignoring it is hardly possible because your tongue can’t leave the gap alone.

I’m Missing a Tooth. Now What?

Once the tooth has been taken out, you have many vital decisions to make.

Do I want a dental bridge? Is a dental...Read More
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7 Ways Bonding Can Beautify

Dental bonding is a popular cosmetic dentistry procedure in the Rancho Santa Fe area, but there are many patients who don’t know exactly what it is. Today in the Weston Spencer DDS – Conservative Comprehensive Dentistry dental blog, we explain 7 ways dental bonding is used in cosmetic dentistry.

The dental bonding procedure uses a resin material that is sturdy and tooth-colored. It is applied to the teeth while soft, like putty, and then hardened or set with a special light. The...Read More

Posted on February 14, 2020 By mark in , ,

If My Gums Bleed, Should I Stop Flossing?

This is a key question occasionally asked by patients at Weston Spencer DDS – Conservative Comprehensive Dentistry. The answer, however, is “No!” Bleeding is probably a sign that you need to clean your teeth and gums more thoroughly—not leave them alone. It is almost impossible to clean effectively between teeth without using floss or an interdental brush.

If you have never flossed before, your gums might bleed the first few times you use floss. The bleeding may be due to...Read More

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How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

Looking into how much dental implants cost and getting a fairly simple answer can be frustrating. But there is a reason for that.

I’m Dentist Weston Spencer. Thanks for stopping to read my blog. I know it can be confusing to research the cost of getting a dental implant and finding nothing solid online. Let me take a moment to justify why most dental practice website doesn’t publish the cost of tooth implants.

1. The Math Might Come Out Higher Than it Should It takes a fairly...Read More

Posted on November 29, 2019 By mark in ,

The Future of Tooth Decay in La Jolla

Dental patients in the Rancho Santa Fe area may wonder what would happen if they didn’t seek quality dental care on a regular basis. The answer isn’t pretty frightening, but true. A common result of untreated tooth decay in La Jolla are cavities and then abscesses. A tooth abscess is an infection near the root of the tooth or between the gum and the tooth. This collection of pus can be very uncomfortable, either causing a shooting pain or a dull throbbing pain. You may also experience...Read More

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Boost Your Self-Confidence With Cosmetic Dentistry in La Jolla

Many dental patients have experienced a boost in self-confidence by undergoing restorative or cosmetic dentistry in La Jolla at Weston Spencer DDS – Conservative Comprehensive Dentistry. At our practice, nothing gives us more satisfaction than helping men and women dramatically improve their smile and overall self-esteem with the latest tooth restoration procedures to correct dental problems and imperfections.

Improvements with Cosmetic Dentistry in La Jolla

We also enjoy consulting with...Read More

Posted on November 16, 2018 By PM Blogger in , ,



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