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In providing comprehensive dentistry to patients of our La Jolla dental office, it is our goal to maintain the highest standards of excellence and quality at all times. This means employing the latest in technology and medical advances to best serve the people who trust us with their oral care. Our patients’ trust is valuable to this, and we aim to maintain that trust for many years to come. This practice has provided comprehensive dentistry to the San Diego area for more than 25 years, and we hope to provide care for many future generations.

We Care About Your Needs

Our goals as a dental practice are established by the needs of our patients. In order to best serve our patients, we have established a cosmetic, family, and preventative dentistry practice that is designed to offer the most rewarding experience possible while educating patients on proper oral care habits. We believe firmly that the relationship with our patients is vital to providing the comprehensive dental care they have come to expect from our La Jolla dental office.

Conservative Dentistry

Our office is established on the principle of conservative dentistry. Our conservative dentistry approach allows us to address the medical needs of our patients without them feeling overwhelmed by daunting and sometimes, unnecessary procedures. It is our goal to prevent problems before they arise, but if restorative dental work is needed, we strive to retain as much of the natural tooth as possible. In order to determine the most conservative approach, we will look at the patient’s oral health comprehensively.

Comprehensive Dentistry

In order to fully understand the patient’s dental needs and treat conservatively, we will provide full comprehensive dental care. This includes a full medical health history to establish a solid foundation of oral and overall health. It is through comprehensive dentistry at our La Jolla office that we are able to conservatively treat our patients, while addressing the concerns most important to them.

Comprehensive Plus Conservative Equals Quality Dental Care

Dr. Spencer and Dr. Lovell recognize that comprehensive dentistry and conservative care are symbiotic in providing patients in San Diego with the best care available. This approach is vital to thoroughly treating patients in the most efficient and respectful manner.

Many of our patients have returned to our practice for decades because of our conservative and comprehensive approach to dentistry. Dr. Weston Spencer joined Dr. James Lovell in 2012 to continue his long-standing conservative and comprehensive approach to caring for patients.

Education is an invaluable element to our conservative and comprehensive dentistry approach. Dr. Spencer and Dr. Lovell exceed industry standard continuing education requirements to go above and beyond for their patients. This ensures they are up to date on the latest in technological advances and innovative techniques. Their experience and inter-disciplinary education allows them to tackle complex dental needs, including periodontal disease and the replacement of missing teeth through implant dentistry. Dr. Spencer and Dr. Lovell are able to handle virtually any dental problem within their La Jolla dental office.

We know there are many dentists in the San Diego area, and we want you to feel comfortable with your decision to choose us. We provide experience, care, and compassion to all of our patients and will uphold these values for as long as we are in practice. You do have a choice for your dental health, and we would be honored if you were to choose us.

Schedule Your Initial Appointment

If you would like to find out for yourself why so many other San Diego residents have chosen Drs. Weston Spencer and James Lovell to perform their dental work, please schedule your initial appointment by contacting our cosmetic, restorative, and general dentistry practice today.



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