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Dental Implants in San Diego

Don’t let your missing and painful teeth dictate your life. Solve these concerns with dental implants from Weston Spencer & Associates! Our La Jolla–Pacific Beach office accomplishes this well through experienced staff and cutting-edge equipment.

When teeth are broken or lost, the gums around the impacted areas weaken against the demands of everyday life. Your other teeth can also shift out of place with a hole in your smile.

Dental implants restore broken or loose teeth by replacing the root with a titanium base and a new dental crown on top.

Replace your teeth and smile more with Dr. Spencer’s dental implants today!

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See the Difference Implants Make

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Fixing Missing Teeth Is Worth the Cost!

Postponing dental implants can prove extremely detrimental to your health in the long run.

Some of the main issues patients experience are:

  • Missing Teeth: What starts as unstable teeth can lead to breakage later.
  • Trouble Eating: Don’t make a simple task a difficult chore.
  • Slurred Speech: Broken teeth inhibit enunciation, making work life difficult.
  • Embarrassment: Broken teeth isn’t worth lower personal esteem.

Dental implants also aid in longer-term issues such as jawbone decay, dislocated teeth, and further bone loss.

Please contact our La Jolla office with any questions or concerns. We are here to help you smile more!

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Dental Implants Change Lives

Dental Implants have long been a turning point for patients looking for relief from dental pain. Dental Implants are known for being the firmest foundation for teeth in the industry. The metallic base can survive the rest of your life with proper care!

Additionally, dental implants properly aid the installation of other devices such as dental bridges or dentures. These safeguards allow ordinary speaking and eating habits.

Dental implants better facilitate whole mouth restoration than other methods if needed. They provide a lifestyle free from constant dental visits and concerns, with new teeth that make it seem like the problem never happened.

See the Difference Implants Make

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Avoid Dental Stress With a Risk-Free Implant Consultation

Dental implants provide permanent solutions for broken and unstable teeth while maintaining the same mouth structure. Proper dental care now will help avoid pain and lifestyle changes later. Our staff is happy to help! Contact our La Jolla restorative dental practice today!

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See the Difference Implants Make

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With 2 Implants!
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Why Implants Are a Reliable Restoration Choice

What Are Dental Implants

Dental Implants are tooth root replacements inserted into your jawbone. Once placed, they can support a tooth prosthetic to restore severely damaged or missing teeth. This process allows patients to replace teeth with a method that feels just like a natural tooth, will bolster your oral health, and looks amazing.

There are many different types of dental implants and tooth restorations we can use depending on the severity of your circumstance. The implant will usually be topped with a dental crown, bridge, or set of dentures.

Living With Missing Teeth

Missing teeth can come with countless issues, such as:

  • Infection: An empty tooth socket puts your gums at risk for diseases.
  • Misaligned Teeth: The lack of a tooth causes your other teeth to shift out of place.
  • Jawbone Shrinkage: A missing tooth causes your jaw to shrink down from lack of use.
  • Difficulty Cleaning: The holes created by missing teeth are hard to keep clean.

These issues can be addressed with dental implants.

Bone Loss

Bone loss in the jawbone can unfortunately be a side effect of missing teeth. Dental implants fight back against this by supporting the jaw bone from within. The implant stimulates the jaw, thus rejuvenating and rebuilding your mouth’s original strength.

For those who may already experience slight jawbone density loss, there is still hope! We can perform an additional bone graft to provide more jaw support if needed.

Secure Foundation

Dental implants provide the strongest replacement foundation available for your tooth. This is largely due to the implant’s titanium structure and build, which fights against typical dental decay.

These measures allow the structure to last forever if correct dental hygiene is kept! These implants are built to function as much like your teeth as possible. This prevents infection, misalignment, and looks great!

Dental Implant Options

Replacement teeth may include:

  • Implant-Supported Crowns: This option is meant to replace single, broken teeth. This process differs from normal crowns by providing a substitute base as a root.
  • Dentures: Dentures provide alternatives for entire arches of teeth with the permanence and stability of implants.
  • Bridges: Bridges rebuild smaller sets of teeth by connecting them together rather than separately.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation With Implants

Those who are dealing with large amounts of tooth loss or decay can still smile more with a full mouth restoration. We can replace a whole arch of teeth on just a few implants, rather than inserting an individual tooth implant for every missing tooth.

The total process may also include treating any gum disease or oral infections. It helps you regain a fuller, healthier smile all at once!

Dental Implant Candidates

Ideal dental implant candidates are those looking to replace one or more missing teeth, but are otherwise in optimal health.

This allows you to more easily undergo the oral surgery required and be able to properly heal afterward.

Another crucial factor in implant candidates is the density and quality of your jawbone. If your jaw is not currently able to support a dental implant post, you may need a bone graft.

Choosing an Implant Dentist

Above all else, choosing the right dentist is essential to receiving the best dental implant care. These qualifications allow your implants to last forever and will save you frequent trips to the dentist.

Restoring dental implants requires meticulous effort and preparation to reduce the risk of infection or implant failure. Unique treatments require skilled dentists to find the quickest and most effective treatment possible.

See the Difference Implants Make

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Restoring Dental Implants: The Process

Preparation for the Implant

The first part of the process is the dental consultation. During this step, Dr. Weston Spencer will evaluate your teeth and jawbone to put together a treatment plan that works for you.

This often includes taking x-rays, asking questions about your oral health, and creating impressions to create alternative teeth.

Additionally, your jawbone will be evaluated to see if it has enough density to support a dental implant.

Bone Graft

Though not necessary for all patients, getting an additional bone graft to support your jaw will increase the stability of your implants.

Bone grafting builds up new bones by taking a small amount of bone from one area in your body and inserting it into your jawline, using only a simple incision.

This is only needed if your jaw has already experienced some bone loss due to missing teeth for an extended period of time.

Placement Surgery

After healing from any potential bone grafts or other preparation procedures, you will then make your appointment to place the dental post in your jawbone.

This is an oral surgery, so sedation and anesthesia will be used. Sedation is offered through veins, orally, or by using laughing gas.

Dr. Spencer will then create an opening in your jawbone to securely insert the implant post. A temporary crown will be placed until it fully heals.


The dental post previously mentioned will roughly take three to six months to properly heal and assimilate into your jawbone—this step is called osseointegration.

During this time, do not forget to practice proper post-surgery care. Your teeth will be incredibly fragile, so please be cautious of anything that may damage the implant site, such as eating super hard or crunchy foods. Help your implants be successful!

Abutment Placement

You will then return to another appointment. Sedation will still be used in this process, similar to implant placement surgery.

Dr. Spencer will get rid of the temporary restoration in this step and fasten an abutment piece onto the top of the post. Abutment pieces are the middle connector that secures your implant to your new crown or set of dentures. This is the last step before placing your final crown.

Crown Forming

Your personalized crown, denture, or bridge will be crafted to match the fit and comfort of your mouth while you heal from the implant placement.

Once the implants feel secure, last-minute changes are often required. Dr. Spencer may need to make adjustments to improve the fit and feel of your new teeth. Following this procedure, the artificial teeth will be polished to give the crowns a natural look.

Crown Placement

The crown will then be fastened to the abutment once the adjustments are done. There may be a few days of slight pain while your mouth adjusts, but after treatment, your teeth should be restored to their original function!

Be sure to keep these new teeth in tip-top shape through proper dental hygiene and regular maintenance.

Keep in mind some steps of this implant process may change based on your personal needs.

Other Dental Implant Options

At the dental consultation, Dr. Spencer will first analyze your teeth and take x-rays to fully understand the condition of your oral health. Depending on the results, we will choose from a variety of dental implant treatments that will help you smile more.

The treatment selected depends on the state of your jaw, the number of implants needed to secure your teeth, and the number of artificial teeth needed.

Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implants hold the same qualities as typical implants but are smaller. These implants are made up of one small screw that is placed over (instead of under) the gums.

These implants are usually meant for single teeth or for those who can’t use conventional implants.

All-on-4® Treatment Concept

The All-on-4® treatment concept is built to replace an entire arch of your teeth (top or bottom) with only 4 dental implants.

These implants provide support for full-arch and same-day dentures that permanently secure your mouth together, saving frequent trips to the dentist.

Fixed Implant

Fixed implant repair multiple missing teeth by acting as an anchor rather than a substitute tooth. After the implants are restored, a dental bridge is placed near the implants, locking the smile in position!

These implants are meant to replace multiple, simultaneous teeth.

Removable Implant

Removable implants mean the teeth on top of the implants can be taken off for easier cleaning. This is an option for implant-supported dentures.

The dentures are fastened to the implants with a snap-on system rather than being screwed directly to the abutments.

Some Common Concerns About Dental Implants

Dr. Spencer fully understands that taking the step to dental implants comes with questions. Some of our frequently asked questions are listed below for your convenience.

As always, feel free to contact our office with any other questions. We are here to help you smile more!

The overall cost of implants depends on the type of implants, whether additional procedures are needed to assimilate the implant to your teeth, and the design of the artificial tooth.

We can quickly give you a cost assessment and help address financial concerns over a virtual consult.

Our staff accepts all PPO insurance policies. We also offer monthly payment plans to fit the financial needs of all of our patients.

Dental implants are not painful. Our comprehensive cosmetic dentistry provides a pain-free approach by numbing the impacted area before the procedure starts to avoid unneeded discomfort.

You may have a period of discomfort while your mouth heals from the implant placement and adjusts to the new teeth in your mouth. After healing your implant-supported teeth should feel perfectly natural.

Dental implants can help you smile more for the rest of your life! The implant lasts up to 25 years, with the opportunity to last the rest of your life if taken care of properly. In other words, dental implants can save you time and money on your future oral health problems!

You can properly take care of your implants by practicing proper dental habits and avoiding frequent intake of hard and sticky food or drinks.

Patients with broken teeth and optimal health are prime candidates for Dental Implants. Any medical or mental condition that interferes with the mouth can completely derail the implant’s recovery time.

Please handle all prior health concerns before the restoration starts.

The strength and durability of the jawline also come into play. Bone grafting can be used to meet the strength requirements for implants.

You will need to schedule a dental consultation with our office. During this appointment, Dr. Spencer will examine your teeth and establish an outline of how the procedure will be done. We’ll need to treat any other oral health concerns first, such as gum disease.

Once your health is clear, we will schedule your treatment and give you pre-surgery guidelines to follow the night before the procedure.

First, adjust your dental health. Brush around the implant or use warm salt water to take care of your teeth while they recover.

Next, adjust your diet. Do not consume hot food/drinks, coffee/caffeine, and/or smoking products. Stick to a diet of soft foods to avoid further food sensitivity.

Do not use a straw as it can rupture the wound and cause additional recovery time.

Last, limit exercise till the swelling has subsided.

Many implant failures stem from an infection called peri-implantitis, which causes infection and bone loss.

On a bright note, receiving peri-implantitis is highly preventable by practicing proper dental hygiene.

Implant failure can also come from failing to integrate with the rest of the jaw. This can occur in patients with low jaw density or those who experience dental trauma soon after the restoration.

Don’t Wait! Restore Your Teeth to Smile More Today!

Our team is eager to offer dental implants in the La Jolla–Pacific Beach area, helping citizens of San Diego smile more!

Dr. Weston Spencer helps all patients with experienced, top-notch care. Contact our office today to find a plan that works for you!











I've been going to Dr. Spencer's office for almost 15 years now and they have always had outstanding customer service. On Monday, Taylor took her time to answer all of my questions and concerns with patience and kindness. She even helped me put on my favorite show to watch while she cleaned my teeth! Thank you to the whole staff for making my teeth cleaning experience so enjoyable.

-Jake S

Another great experience at the dentist today. Ashley, my dental hygienist, is very thorough. She is outstanding. This office is beautiful & I really like the massage chair. La Jolla can be very busy but they have free parking in the parking structure. I regularly refer people to Dr Spencer. 5 stars

-J Stephen

The dental practice is top notch. The space has been renovated. It is sleek, bright, and inviting. Everyone i have encountered there is helpful and cordial. The dental hygienist Ashley is gentle, meticulous, and thoroughly professional. Dr. Spencer is excellent and knows how to manage a successful practice. Highly recommended.

-Carole M.

This office is seriously the best! I’ve never loved going to the dentist, but this office makes the experience enjoyable! When I go in here I always feel comfortable and the experience has always been 10/10! I always see Ashley for my teeth cleanings. She does an amazing job and is so efficient and gentle. Such a great office!

-Allyson S.

Great office. Dr. Spencer and all his staff are always a pleasure. Appreciate how they run on time and don't try to push me into treatments I don't want. Taylor is great for cleanings--quick, painless, and fun. I'm amazed at how she remembers everything we talked about 6 months ago. The best!

-Megan M.



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