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Complete your Full Mouth Restoration with Bone Grafting in Rancho Santa Fe

22nd Jan, 2018

When having implants placed, it is crucial that your jawbone is intact and strong enough to support an implant. If your jaw is weak or lacks the proper bone structure, the implant may not remain in the proper place. If it is suspected that your jawbone is weakened or compromised, he or she may recommend that you have a bone grafting procedure. Contrary to popular belief, a bone graft is not a painful or extremely extensive procedure reserved for the elderly. Many people of all ages receive a bone grafting procedure as a minor part of a full mouth restoration. Dr. Weston Spencer performs bone grafting in Rancho Santa Fe to patients in need to ensure a healthy smile.

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What is a bone grafting?

Full Mouth RestorationBone grafting is a procedure where a dentist will take bone graft samples and insert them into an area where your jawbone is compromised or weakened. Alternatively, synthetic bone may be used to fill and strengthen the area. Dr. Spencer uses bone grafts for additional support when your jawbone is too weak to hold an implant. He performs all of his bone grafts on an outpatient basis where you can return home the same day. There are no major surgeries or scars with a dental bone graft and recovery time for traditional grafting ranges from three to six months, while synthetic grafting has a much faster recovery time.

Why do I need a bone graft?

Often after a tooth has been extracted, many dentists leave a hole in the jawbone where the tooth used to remain. The remaining bone in the area may shrink and atrophy due to the lack of a tooth structure. This may cause the hole to enlarge or the bone to weaken. The weakened bone may no longer be able to hold an implant in. When this occurs, Dr. Spencer will use a bone graft to strengthen the hole so that it can hold and support an implant or to provide general additional support to the jaw.

Dr. Spencer believes that conservative dentistry is vital to patient health and a healthy smile and does not perform excess procedures.

How does a bone graft happen?

On the day of a bone graft, Dr. Spencer may administer an anesthetic so that you sleep during the procedure and do not feel any discomfort. He will clean the area of the bone and gums so that it is clean and free of bacteria. Once clean, he will pack the hole with bone, which traditionally consists human bone granules. He will close the area with a special collagen filler which will hasten the recovery. Over the next few weeks, the bone filler will help your natural jawbone fill in. Once this occurs, Dr. Spencer will examine your teeth and determine that they are ready to receive an implant.

For more severe cases, Dr. Spencer may extract larger bone samples. In the case of major bone loss, Dr. Spencer may extract samples from other areas of your jawbone to help provide more support in conjunction with the bone granules.

Dr WestonIt is important that you view a bone graft as a small simple part of a comprehensive full mouth restoration rather than an extensive scary procedure. If left too long, jawbone atrophy can worsen and become harder to restore. Reach out online to schedule your consultation for full mouth restoration or to learn more about bone grafting. You can also call his Rancho Santa Fe office at (858) 215-2153 to learn more about his work.

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