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5 Reasons To Choose Cosmetic Dentistry

Have you recently looked at your teeth in the mirror? Were you totally satisfied with what you saw? If the answer is, “Not really,” then you may want to check out at these 5 great reasons to meet with your Rancho Santa Fe dentist about cosmetic dentistry procedures.

1. The first reason is that a little cosmetic dentistry goes a long way. Some of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as teeth whitening, are simple and easy to do, but they can have significant...Read More

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The Most Important Procedure For Smile Makeover Patients

If you want to upgrade your smile with cosmetic dentistry, we invite you to visit Weston Spencer DDS – Conservative Comprehensive Dentistry for an exam and consultation. We believe that the consultation is the most critical component of any smile makeover.

During your consultation we will review the following:

Your expectations of how you want your smile to look and feel after the makeover. The current condition of your dental health. The features of your teeth and gums that you wish to...Read More
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5 Critical Oral Cancer Facts

At Weston Spencer DDS – Conservative Comprehensive Dentistry we encourage our patients to come in twice a year for a dental examination and cleaning.  If you avoid these dental checkups because you don’t believe you have any cavities, perhaps getting an oral cancer screening is a more convincing reason for you to considering seeing your dentist regularly.

While we check for oral cancer, we urge you to have a thorough dental examination as well. The bottom line is that dental checkups...Read More

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Find A Few Minutes To Floss

Weston Spencer DDS – Conservative Comprehensive Dentistry and his team in La Jolla and Rancho Santa Fe can help with your dental hygiene. Do you think you’re too busy to floss? Here are some tips on when to add it to your schedule.

The best time is right before bed, so you remove all of the food of the day. (Remember, your toothbrush doesn’t brush in between your teeth.) Try just after lunch, before you go back to work. Floss while you are in the car sitting in traffic. It’s easier...Read More
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Gummy Smile?

At Weston Spencer DDS – Conservative Comprehensive Dentistry, we perform cosmetic and restorative crown lengthening for patients in the La Jolla, Solano Beach and Del Mar area. Many La Jolla cosmetic dentistry patients with a gummy smile undergo crown lengthening surgery to bring proper balance and symmetry to their smile. Our team will remove gum tissue and, in some cases, bone to expose more of the visible part of a tooth. It is a safe procedure that does not affect healthy tooth...Read More

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15 Things You Didn’t Know About Teeth

At Weston Spencer DDS – Conservative Comprehensive Dentistry, we love to talk about teeth. Here are 15 things you might not have known about teeth.

Children’s teeth are soft until about age 10. A tooth with a crown can get a cavity. Your gum tissue is as important as your teeth. Some prescription medication can increase your risk of cavities. Some home faucet water filters remove fluoride. 19% of little ones between the ages of 2 and 19 have untreated cavities. Heartburn can be harmful for...Read More
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3 Problems Which May Require A Root Canal

Weston Spencer DDS – Conservative Comprehensive Dentistry wants to make sure that our dental patients our well informed. In this post, we will discuss the root canal procedure or endodontic treatment. The root canal may be the most cringe-worthy dental treatment. It is important that dental patients know what is happening during this anxiety-inducing, though routine, procedure.

At the center of each tooth is a very small tissue called the pulp. The thread-like tissue can become damaged due...Read More

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Does Your Teen Have Unique Dental Challenges?

The team at Weston Spencer DDS – Conservative Comprehensive Dentistry wants to discuss teenager oral health and some issues your teen might have.

When it comes to oral health, adolescence is a pivotal time. On the upside, the last of the permanent teeth come in providing young men and women with their “adult smile.” Good habits can be forged and reinforced. Teeth can be corrected with orthodontia, providing increased confidence when it is often sorely needed.

On the...Read More

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Less Is More In Dentistry

There are momentous new developments in California dentistry: stronger, natural-looking materials; improved techniques; more effective diagnostic methods; and more precise instruments. Combine these with the experience and expertise of our team at Weston Spencer DDS – Conservative Comprehensive Dentistry and you’re left with less of what used to make people dread going to the dentist.

Less Pain Improved painkillers, lasers, and unprecedented techniques take the pain out of dental...Read More

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Don’t Let Poor Oral Health Take You Out Of The Game

It’s hard to win a gold medal if you have a toothache. At Weston Spencer DDS – Conservative Comprehensive Dentistry we provide full service dentistry for patients in La Jolla. We wanted to discuss a study cited in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. This study explores how poor oral health affects athletic performance at the elite level.

“More than 40% of athletes were bothered by their oral health with 28% reporting an impact on quality of life and 18% on training and...Read More

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