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No More Dental Anxiety with Dr. Spencer in La Jolla & Rancho Santa Fe

If you dread approaching dental visits either days or weeks in advance, you are not alone. Some people are terrified of the thought of having to endure a necessary dental procedure. Others have an overwhelming fear of needles or anesthesia. Patients worry about how much pain will be involved and the loss of control. Dental anxiety and dental phobia are very real conditions and they can be paralyzing. Those who are frightened to this level will do anything to avoid visiting a dentist.

What are the signs...Read More
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Improve your Smile Faster with AcceleDent Aura in La Jolla

Invisalign patients in La Jolla have enjoyed the advantages of using a removable device that often corrects dental problems faster than traditional braces. Now, these users will be offered a new technology to help boost the results of their current treatment. Only 20 minutes per day is needed for AcceleDent Aura to gently align teeth and move the process along even more quickly.

What is AcceleDent Aura?

This compact unit uses small vibrations that promote faster tooth mobility. Invisalign users...Read More

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Get to the Bottom of the Clicking: TMJ in La Jolla

It is estimated that 10 million Americans live with the painful symptoms of temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMJ, and many have no idea. More than 15 percent of the population are suffering daily. Women are four times more likely than men to have the disorder and it often runs in families. Those afflicted may not experience any negative effects of this degenerative condition for quite some time. Eventually, TMJ will become increasingly painful and possibly debilitating, as the disorder...Read More

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Rancho Santa Fe Office Hosts Grand Opening!


Update June 2020: Our Rancho Santa Fe office is now closed – come see our beautiful new office in La Jolla!

Our new Rancho Santa Fe dental office opened with a party! On Thursday March 3, Weston Spencer DDS hosted an open house to welcome both new patients and dental professionals to see the office. The open house was well attended with great street tacos to enjoy. Dr Spencer will continue to maintain his restorative and cosmetic office in La Jolla while growing his...Read More

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Get a Whiter Smile in La Jolla and Rancho Santa Fe

A healthy smile is contagious and good for everyone around you. Oftentimes people are self-conscious of their smile, as they do not have a bright white smile that they can show off. In this is the case for you then teeth whitening in La Jolla and Rancho Santa Fe with Dr. Weston Spencer may be ideal for you.

Today there are a variety of whitening regimes to make your teeth sparkle. Before beginning any whitening process, it is a good idea to check with your dentist to discuss the best option for...Read More

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Dr. Weston Spencer Open New Office in Rancho Santa Fe

There is good news for patients searching for an experienced cosmetic, restorative, and general dentist in Rancho Santa Fe. Acclaimed La Jolla dentist Weston Spencer have announced the opening of a new office location in the picturesque San Diego community, known for its rich history, world-famous golf course, and gorgeous landscape. Now the community will be enriched by dental services of the most surpassing standard, which Dr. Spencer is proud to be able to contribute to the fine residents of Rancho Santa...Read More

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6 Bad Habits You Should Avoid for Healthy Teeth in La Jolla

The loss of teeth can certainly wipe the smile off of someone’s face, but it can also prevent teeth from functioning properly. The teeth work as a unit to allow us to eat, chew, and speak throughout the day. So when a patient suffers with the lost of a tooth it can have lasting effects on their oral health. Dr. Weston Spencer can recommend many options for his La Jolla dentistry patients, including dental implants. For patients interested in implants, there are different options available based on your...Read More

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