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Considering Your Dental Implant Options in La Jolla

08th Dec, 2017

Your smile is the most important part of your entire face. It lights up your personality and many people recognize it as the first characteristic they notice. It is very important that you keep your teeth healthy and intact so that your smile continues to radiate. However, there are times where your smile and teeth may become diseased and require removal. Tooth removal does not mean the end of a beautiful face. Rather, there are a great number of options for you to regain your natural smile. Dr. Weston Spencer offers a variety of dental implant options in La Jolla and Rancho Santa Fe, for patients who wish to regain their smile without dentures.

What kinds of implants are there?

A dental implant is simply an oral fixture that fills the void left by missing teeth with an artificial tooth or teeth in order to make your smile look natural and full. Depending on how many teeth you have lost, there are different kinds of implants.

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Options for Single Tooth Loss

If you have lost one tooth, Dr. Spencer can fit your mouth with a single implant and crown. This is a very common procedure. During this, he will clean out the space in the jaw and gums where the tooth should be, and insert a metal rod. After the rod has healed, he will attach a crown that is shaped and colored the same as the rest of your natural teeth. This kind of implant will appear completely natural and not interfere with your eating or smiling.

Loss of Multiple Teeth

If you have lost several teeth, Dr. Spencer offers several options. He may fit you with a couple of single implants if the missing teeth are in different areas or far apart. If they are relatively close together or on the same jaw, he may give you the option of having a fixed, implant-supported bridge. This is a special kind of implant may have a couple of dental crowns which are supported by two implants. This creates a kind of bridge that stabilizes and fills in the teeth but reduces the number of implants required in the jaw.

Entire Upper or Lower Jaw

If you are missing the majority of your teeth in either the upper or lower jaw, Dr. Spencer offers All-On-4 implants. These types of complete implants use a special dental crown appliance that has molds of all the teeth. The dental crowns are anchored by four specific implants, rather than an entire denture or individual implants. This kind of implant is completely secure and keeps the teeth tight and safe from becoming loose. To create a cohesive look, Dr. Spencer creates a mold to match the shape and color of the existing teeth that will be removed.

Dr WestonDr. Spencer ensures that all of his implants are made with high quality medical grade titanium, which does not damage the mouth or irritate the gums. He also ensures that the crowns fit the mouth and implant before placement to ensure comfort and satisfaction. With his precise work, your dental work should be stress free and you should regain your smile as soon as possible.

If you are tired of missing teeth or looking for options besides dentures, Dr. Spencer can restore your smile with his various dental implants. You can call his La Jolla office at (858) 459-0077 or reach out online to contact the friendly team.

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